Whiteboard Sizes

(Prices only applicable to whiteboards ordered in addition to what is included in a package.)

1200 x 900 mm $435
1200 x 1200 mm $555
1200 x 1500 mm $715
1200 x 1800 mm $855
Design Fee $130 / hour

All whiteboards are magnetic and made from high quality Colorbond.

Whiteboard Table Options

Tables can be added to your Whiteboard to suit your ways of work.

See below some commonly requested tables options.


Need a Map updated?

Things change on farms – fences may shift, new pipes get installed, and land may be acquired.  We recommend reviewing and updating your map every two years so that we can help you retain the most accurate information about your property.


We know more than most that every farm is different. With over 25 years experience, we’ll be able to create the perfect package for you.
Ask us how we’ve helped other farmers with unique services such as designed magnets, custom map layers, and map merchandise.


We can help! The accuracy and care taken in our mapping is ideal for golf courses, work sites, cemeteries, council lands, and many more…
Our cutting edge satellite and drone imagery, professional mapping software, and our flexible pipeline is perfect for any job.

Prices do not include GST unless stated. Only one discount or offer per invoice, and not available on the Multi-farm Package.
Extra costs may apply: Distances further than 200km from our office locations may cost extra. A ‘stand up’ fee of $400 applies for inability to meet with our mapper on the day. All delivery generally included with a package, extra delivery costs may apply for separate items.